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American Eagles

Silver & Gold

Why Choose U.S. Asset Advisors?

U.S. Asset Advisors understands the importance of tailoring a well-balanced portfolio of tangible assets based on our client’s personal and financial objectives.

Our Goal is to assist our clients by targeting opportunities that maximize upside potential while minimizing downside risk.

Our Mission is to provide unparalleled service to collectors and investors, as we focus on the individual needs of our clients and develop relationships that will last for generations to come.

Areas Of Expertise

Coin collecting has been called “the hobby of kings” and we make it fun and profitable for all walks of life. We have everything from ancient to modern coins at all price points. Our team has put together some of the finest known sets of rare coins on the planet. Whether you’re an expert or novice, U.S. Asset Advisors can help you find that elusive rarity or get you started, avoiding beginners’ (sometimes costly) mistakes. Our advice is always free, although it can prove to be priceless.

We have long favored diversification into precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium as a hedge against inflation. Metals tend to surge when other asset classes are floundering and inflation is soaring. No one is closer to this market than U.S. Asset Advisors. Call today for our current recommendations.

We offer diversified hard asset portfolios for sophisticated investors as well as newcomers, balancing rare coins and precious metals to maximize your profit potential.

We can facilitate the sale of your entire estate: coin collections, art, antique furniture and weapons, rare books, memorabilia, and trading cards are all within our areas of expertise. U.S. Asset Advisors will make it easy and especially rewarding for you.

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