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Why Buy Palladium?

Palladium is one of the precious metals available to bullion investors, along with gold, silver and platinum. Investors can purchase palladium bullion for investment in the form of palladium bars, or palladium coins. Palladium is a rare, precious metal, more rare in comparison to gold and silver. South Africa and Russia have more than 90% of the total planet's Palladium. This means that the price of the metal heavily depends upon the socio-economic climate of these countries. 

Palladium belongs to a group of metals used as catalysts in industry,known as the platinum group metals (PGM). Palladium is primarily used as a catalyze converter in vehicles. but it is used also in several manufacturing processes and fuel cells. It is difficult to find another metal to replace it which adds to its high value. Palladium has become a favorite for investors as part of a bullion portfolio.

Brief History of Palladium

Palladium, a lustrous metal with a silvery-white appearance, holds a significant place among the platinum group metals. Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, palladium is highly valued for its rarity and unique properties. It can be found in prominent deposits worldwide, including South Africa's Bushveld Igneous Complex, Montana's Stillwater Complex, Ontario's Sudbury Basin and Thunder Bay District, and Russia's Norilsk Complex. With over half of its global supply dedicated to catalytic converters in automobiles, palladium plays a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions from combustion engines. This metal finds applications in dentistry tools, electronics, groundwater treatment systems, and jewelry, showcasing its versatility across industries. As a trusted coin dealer and bullion expert, USAA Coin Dealer & Bullion offers a comprehensive range of palladium products, including rare coins, gold bullion, and more, providing collectors and investors with access to this exceptional metal.