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American Eagles

Silver & Gold

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$36.84 $37.95

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American Silver Eagles

2024 Silver American Eagles 1 oz.

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$37.29 $38.41

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$2,434.53 $2,507.57

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Gold American Eagles

2024 Gold Eagle 1 oz.

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$2,459.83 $2,533.62

810 in stock

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Why Choose U.S. Asset Advisors?

U.S. Asset Advisors recognizes the importance of customizing a well-balanced portfolio of tangible assets to match the unique personal and financial goals of our clients.
At U.S. Asset Advisors, our primary objective is to provide unmatched service to collectors and investors in San Antonio.
Our mission is unparalleled service and lasting relationships with our treasured clients. We prioritize understanding the individual needs of our clients and fostering long-term relationships that transcend generations.

Areas Of Expertise

Coin collecting, often known as “the hobby of kings,” is an engaging and profitable pursuit suitable for individuals from all walks of life. We offer a wide range of ancient to modern coins at various price points in our coin shop San Antonio. Our coin dealer San Antonio team takes pride in curating some of the finest sets of rare coins globally. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, U.S. Asset Advisors can assist you in finding that elusive rarity or guide you as you begin, helping you avoid costly mistakes. Our advice is always free, and its value can prove to be priceless.

At U.S. Asset Advisors, we firmly believe in the importance of diversifying your investments with precious metals such as gold bullion San Antonio invested, silver, platinum, and palladium as a safeguard against inflation. When other asset classes face challenges and inflation rates rise, these metals often experience significant value surges. As trusted experts, we are ready to provide you with our current recommendations tailored to your unique financial goals.

We offer diversified hard asset portfolios to sophisticated investors and newcomers alike, striking a balance between rare coins San Antonio and precious metals to maximize the profit potential for our clients.

U.S. Asset Advisors can facilitate the sale of your entire estate, including coin collections, art, antique furniture, weapons, rare books, memorabilia, and trading cards. Our expertise in these areas ensures that the process is effortless and highly rewarding for our San Antonio clients.

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Buy Gold Bullion San Antonio Online

Gold has been a cherished symbol of wealth for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs and the Pharaohs of Egypt. Today, gold continues to be a universally accepted and valuable form of investment. Gold bullions San Antonio are a preferred choice for those seeking to invest in this precious metal. Additionally, gold coins San Antonio, available in various sizes, offer another option for investment. Gold bullion San Antonio serves as a means to protect accumulated wealth and is also used in industries such as jewelry, technology, dentistry, and medicine.


When it comes to gold bullion San Antonio or palladium San Antonio investments,
choose U.S. Asset Advisors for all your precious metals needs. Established many years ago, we specialize in physical bullion, delivering gold and silver directly to your door. We prioritize quality by working with top mints and distributors, ensuring the highest caliber of products for our customers. Rest assured, you’re dealing with a trusted provider, we are fully accredited by state and federal authorities. Whether you have inquiries about orders, ongoing processes, or completed transactions, our dedicated customer service team is available via phone and email, ready to assist you with any questions or orders. Trust U.S. Asset Advisors for reliable service and exceptional precious metals expertise.

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